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Cake Pops - The Next Big Craze in Baking     


If you’ve never heard of a cake pop, you might be in the minority. These miniature, round decorated cakes on a stick may soon overtake cupcakes as the next hot bakery trend. Cake pops are portable, easy to eat, and varieties are as vast and creative as the cake decorators who make them.

Parents love how they are portable and mess free. They're very easy to eat on the go, to take to a park or on a trip. But the main appeal of cake pops has to be the cuteness factor.

The fact that cake pops can be completely customizable has made them the hottest new thing in desserts. People are always looking for new ideas that can take their parties to the next level, and cake pops can do exactly that. 

With the cupcake craze still raging, cake pops have easily caught on with consumers. What’s not to love about them? Even Starbucks is offering cake pops, further moving the treats into the national spotlight. 

We have cake pops pans, sets and accessories for sale as well as pans for hire. Don't forget your edible decorations

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